You are not alone

It may not seem to be true at the time but nobody is alone and nobody has to face the issues and problems of life, seeing no way out of situations that appear to have spiralled out of control. Sanctuary Trust turns no man away and even if we cannot provide accommodation there and then, we can offer help, advice and guidance, and links to other agencies. Staff of Sanctuary Trust do not make judgements; do not attempt to blame and do not turn their backs.

From the moment you arrive and have been offered help, the aim is to get you back on your feet, address the problems weighing you down and work with you on achieving positive outcomes for the future.

You start your journey at Sanctuary House and here we will work with you on the issues that most cause concern. We will help you with appointments with other health and social care professionals, find work or voluntary activity, provide professional counselling services if needed but above all give help, care and support and an ear to listen and somebody to talk to at all times.

At a point in the future, mutually decided but when you are ready, your journey may continue at Sanctuary Lodge. Here the environment is much less formal, far freer and where there is greater scope to start planning for your move back into independent accommodation. When ready we will help you find accommodation and if needed help with furnishing and equipping that accommodation.

Sanctuary House

This is the hub of Sanctuary Trust, its original property and the one in which most men will start their journey with the Trust. Situated on the High Street in St. Aubin, it is a former guest-house, offering accommodation to ten men.

It is also home to the main office for the organisation. It is here that the men will be assessed and where their initial problems will be discussed and addressed and once this is achieved they will either move on to their own accommodation or to the second property, Sanctuary Lodge. It is also at Sanctuary House that men can benefit from the counselling services provided by the Trust. It is staffed 24 hours a day.

Sanctuary Lodge

Our second property is situated at Beaumont and is an extension of the L’Hermitage development. Its existence is only possible due to the incredible generosity of a local developer, to whom we are grateful.

The Lodge provides accommodation to 14 men and is a much more independent facility, developed with the aim of being a ‘halfway house’, to assist men eventually returning to independent accommodation within wider society. The house does not have a permanent staff presence although there is regular staff input but the men are free to come and go as they please – historically the residents here will be working or involved in schemes that may lead to paid employment.

No time limit is set for men in either of the house managed by Sanctuary Trust. Each man will have his own individual problems and issues and initial assessments will determine the level of support necessary. Inevitably some will take longer than others but all residents know that Sanctuary Trust does not provide lasting, permanent accommodation and the outcome being worked towards is independent accommodation in a community setting. But after men have left, support can and does continue.

Outreach Support

Sanctuary Trust continues to provide support to men after they have left the accommodation provided by the Trust.

Outreach support can take the form of regular, planned meetings; the occasional informal phone call or assistance in dealings with States agencies or other charities. It exists to provide not only support but also knowledge that the men have simply not been left to survive without help or a friendly face.