Our Code of Conduct

The interests and reputation of Sanctuary Trust and any other connected organisations are of paramount importance. We ask you not do anything, or conduct yourself in any manner, which is not in keeping with the values of the charity or could bring Sanctuary Trust into disrepute.

We ask you to meet the following Code of Conduct for our Walk into Light. If you go against it, we may ask you to leave the event:


Alcohol is not permitted at the event. If you bring or consume alcohol at the Walk into Light, you will be asked to leave.


Any participant believed to be using or under the influence of illegal drugs will be asked to leave the event and the police will be called.


Smoking is not allowed for the duration of the event.

Respect for others

Please be respectful of fellow participants and other people using the Railway Walk.


Only use designated toilets.


In the unlikely event of an emergency, you must follow directions given by the event organisers.